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Branch Program Event Listings

Adult Salon-Musicale

provides a warm and informal setting in which adult students may become acquainted and gain confidence by performing for their peers and teachers.

Alice Frazier Kitchen Memorial Scholarship Competition

provides gifted and talented students (all instruments and voice) of MTAC-WLA Active Teacher members an opportunity to compete for scholarship awards. Winners are presented in recital at the MTAC-WLA June General Meeting.

Bach Festival (Branch)

The Southern California Junior Bach Festival ( provides

students an opportunity to perform works from the Baroque period in

an adjudicated formal setting. A maximum of 35 percent of students who

perform works by J.S. Bach (with the exception of Anna Magdalena

Bach Notebook pieces) may be selected to represent MTAC-WLA at

the Southern California Junior Bach Region IV Festival.


Baroque & Classical Festival

In contrast to the Branch Bach Festival, this is a non-adjudicated

recital showcasing the music of both the Baroque and Classical

periods. Music to include works by Bach, Scarlatti, Handel and

their baroque contemporaries as well as works by Mozart, Haydn,

Beethoven, and their contemporaries.


Certificate of MeritTM

is an annual evaluation program for piano, string, woodwind & brass,

and voice students. Requirements are flexible enough to be met by

the average student, as well as the more gifted performer. Selected

students may be invited to perform at Branch Honors Festivals, the

State Convention, or the prestigious Young Artist Guild, a showcase

at the MTAC State Convention for the most talented Certificate of

MeritTM musicians.


Collaborative Young Artists Recital

encourages students to play together in any combination of two or more

players in piano ensemble, chamber music, or vocal performance.


Contemporary Music Festival

Students performing works of composers living and creating in the

20th century from the time of Bartok through the end of the 20th century.


Kathryn Gawartin Chopin Piano Competition

provides gifted and talented piano students from all Branches of

MTAC an opportunity to compete for cash prize awards.


Living Composers Fiesta

A Music/Performance Festival of everything that is current and

exciting today: Compositions of living composers which can include

any or all of the following: multimedia, improvisation, experimentation,

jazz, film music, recent compositions, concert music/art music. The

music can be inspired by the classical tradition, pop, jazz, rock or any

fusions thereof. Any and all instrumental and vocal combinations are

encouraged. Students are encouraged to perform their own compo-

sitions or pieces by their friends. Have an open mind—the sky is

the limit, and it is time to play with sound and possibilities!


Music Students’ Service League (MSSL)

is a group of self-governing MTAC student volunteers dedicated to

serving their community through music. MTAC-WLA MSSL projects

include student performances at senior citizen homes, benefit recitals,

mentoring younger students, and volunteering at Branch functions

and events. MTAC-WLA MSSL often works jointly with the Westside

Music Foundation to raise funds for music education programs in

the local community for at-risk children and youths.


Naomi Reisfeld Etude Festival

is an event highlighting both technicality and artistry of the

student’s performance. This is open to students of CM level 4 and

above. A guest speaker is invited at the Festival.


Piano Masterclass

Students will audition to participate in an open masterclass given

by a visiting artist/scholar to perform and receive critical analysis.

Open to piano students of intermediate and advanced levels.


Red & Gold Seal Solo Recitals

provide students an opportunity to perform memorized programs

for an audience. “Red Seal” Certificates are presented to students

who prepare a 15-minute program, and “Gold Seal Certificates” are

presented to students who prepare a 30-minute program. The audience

must include two MTAC-WLA Branch members in addition to the

presenting teacher.


Romantic & Impressionist Festival

Provides students an opportunity to perform solo and ensemble

repertoire from Romantic & Impressionist styles including late

Beethoven, Schubert, Schumann, Chopin, Mendelssohn, Liszt,

Brahms, Debussy, Ravel and their contemporaries.


Student Branch Recital

provides students of all levels an opportunity to perform solo and ensemble

music in a non-competitive, recital setting.


Young Artist Guild (YAG) Recitals


Young Composers Guild (YCG) Concerts

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