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MTAC BoardWelcome to Music Teachers’ Association of California – West Los Angeles Branch!

Music Teachers’ Association of California – West Los Angeles (MTAC-WLA) branch is a diverse group of devoted and talented music educators, dedicated to the promotion of musical culture and the pursuit of excellence in the field of music education.

MTAC- WLA was founded in 1954 as a non profit organization under section 501(c)(6). Our  members specialize in the study, and performance and teaching of various disciplines, including but not limited to,  classical, jazz and contemporary-popular music. All members have received extensive musical training and include graduates of some of the most prestigious conservatories and universities world-wide. Our professional teachers are engaged in crafting the future of the musical community through our distinctive instruction. Our branch provides many program and performance opportunities. In addition, MTAC -WLA provides teacher collaboration and enrichment through educational workshops as well as teacher recitals.

We greatly appreciate any financial support which helps us to continue our mission. Donations can be easily made through the “DONATE HERE” button at the screen’s upper right corner. All contributions are fully tax-deductible.

The Music Teachers’ Association of California (MTAC)  is a professional organization. On our website you can find a private instructor, learn more about the benefits of being a member of the MTAC, and view our event calendar for our activities.

MTAC Association Mission Statement

MTAC Code of Ethics

The mission of the Music Teachers’ Association of California is to promote excellence in the music teaching profession. We do this through high membership standards, strong ethical values and continuing professional education.

(revised and accepted in 2016)

Music Teacher’s Association of California (MTAC) was founded and incorporated in 1897 under the laws of the State of California to promote the welfare of the music teacher, and to elevate the educational and teaching standards of its members. The exacting qualifications for membership in the Association establish the member as a qualified and accredited teacher in the community, thus ensuring a professional status. The Code of Ethics maintains a high standard of personal and professional conduct.

Please refer to for the full statement of the code of ethics adopted by all branches of MTAC.

MTAC-WLA Board of Directors  and Program & Project Chairs

Dr. Wojciech Kocyan  President

Marina Kalantarova  1st Vice President (Programs)

Dr. Ching – Yi  Wang 2nd Vice President (Hospitality)

Victoria Roizen  3rd Vice President (Membership)

Louisa Wong  Treasurer

Mehry Lalezarian  Recording Secretary

Kyunghwa Yoon  Director


Ferris Gluck  Director

Mehry Lalezarian  Certificate of Merit

Nancy Arnold  Director

Jan Kravets  Parliamentarian

Living Composers Fiesta  Dr. Neil Galanter 

Music Students’ Service League (MSSL) 

Naomi Reisfeld Etude Festival  Nurit Caspi & Victoria Roizen

Piano Masterclass  Marina Kalantarova 

Branch Student Recital I  Jan Kravets

Branch Student Recital II Mary Ann Cummins & Jan Kravets

VOCE  Marla Jones

Directory   Jan Kravets  

Web Design / Development Muyiwa Ogunsanya

Webmaster  Wojciech Kocyan

Adult Salon-Musicale  Barbara Roe & Christine Rosander

Bach Festival (Branch)  Rosa Wong

Cal Plan  Victoria Roizen

Certificate of MeritTM  Mehry Lalezarian

Gawartin Chopin Piano Competition  Dr. Wojciech Kocyan & Louisa Wong

20th-21st century Music Festival  Susanna Safarian-Tarontsi

Alice Frazier Kitchen Memorial Scholarship Competition  Dr. Wojciech Kocyan & Louisa Wong

Past Presidents

Marguerite Schwinger 1954–1956

Mildred Haines 1956–1958

Margaret Rose Sheet 1958–1960

Eva Redick 1960–1962

Alice Kitchen 1962–1964

Evelyn Paddock-Smith 1964–1966

Sybil Maxwell 1966–1967

Emilie Fong 1967–1968

Elizabeth Withrow 1968–1969

Emilie Fong 1969–1970

Evelyn Paddock Smith 1970–1971

Beth Jones 1971–1973

Nannette Kliger 1973–1975

Jean Waller 1975–1977

Anne Furniss 1977–1979

Florence Fainman 1979–1981

Susan Rosett 1981–1983

Ellen Batzdorf 1983–1985

Elspeth Nickerson 1985–1987

Louisa Wong 1987–1989

Marilyn Priestley 1989–1991

Alpha H. Walker 1991–1993

Nancy Arnold/Diane Bloomer 1993–1995

Eric Aranda 1995–1997

Marie Lewis 1997–1999

Deborah H. How 1999–2005

Jane Jonaitis 2005–2007

Kathleen Summerland/Rosa Wong 2007–2009

Louisa Wong 2009–2013

Sharon Collins & Nancy Fierro 2013–2014

Jan Kravets & Georgi Slavchev 2014–2016

Jan Kravets & Marina Kalantarova 2016–2017

Jan Kravets & Desislava Grueva 2017–2018

Jan Kravets & Marla Jones 2018-2021

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