Romantic & Impressionist Festival

Co-Chair: Jan Kravets
Co-Chair: Marina Kalantarova

Sunday, January 22, 2017
Steinway Piano Gallery
8801 Wilshire Blvd., Beverly Hills, 90211
Recitals will begin at 2:00 PM

Please follow Jan’s emailed directions and email her your student’s repertoire directly. You may then mail her the Master Studio List and fees as directed, below.

POSTMARK Entry Fees & Master Studio List Deadline: January 8, 2017

The Romantic and Impressionist Festival is not a competition. Each student participant is presented with a festival certificate.


    • Each teacher is allowed a maximum of 14 minutes of total playing time for all students through CM Level 9 (or equivalent).
    • Teachers with at least one CM Level Advanced (or equivalent) student participating in the Romantic Festival are allowed up to a maximum of 19 minutes of total playing time for all students, to accommodate a few longer Advanced Level pieces.
    • Teachers may divide their total allowed time among as many students as they wish, and however they wish, as long as they do not exceed the maximum 14 minutes for all students through CM Level 9 (or the maximum 19 minutes for all students including at least one student in CM Level Advanced.)
    • Repertoire is to be chosen from the Romantic and Impressionist periods
    • All literature must be original: no arrangements, simplifications, etc.
      Exception: piano reductions of the following are permitted:

      • original orchestral accompaniments for vocal works
      • instrumental (non-piano) works
    • Piano literature may not include concerti.
    • Piano literature may not include two pianos.
    • For a listing of acceptable composers, please check the Romantic and Impressionist section of the MTAC Certificate of Meritâ„¢ Syllabus.

    • Chamber music ensembles (instrumental and/or vocal, with or without piano) are encouraged to apply.
      At least one member of the ensemble must be a student of an MTAC-WLA branch member.
    • Piano duet ensembles (one piano, four hands) must be students only.
    • Piano ensembles may not include two pianos.
    • All ensembles with more than two performers must be students only.
    • Vocal works and instrumental (non-piano) works may be accompanied by a parent, teacher, or other adult.
    • Mandatory Memorization:
      • All piano solo literature must be memorized.
      • All vocal solo literature must be memorized.
      • The vocal part of accompanied literature must be memorized.
    • Optional Memorization:
      • Memorization for instrumental solo literature is optional.
      • Memorization for all chamber music ensembles is optional.
    • Students must have previous performing experience.
    • All performers must stay for the entirety of their assigned recital program.
    • Traditional recital dress code must be followed:
    • Girls:
      • Skirts, dresses, or jumpers must be knee length or longer–no slits, please.
      • Be aware that short tight skirts will hike up when you sit on a piano bench and not contribute toward a professional look.
        Full and/or long skirts or dressy trousers look much more graceful.
      • No T-shirts or spaghetti strap tank tops.
      • Please consider your footwear and your need to pedal.
      • No flip flops, and preferably, no thick soles; dress shoes or well-proportioned sandals are fine.
      • Please no athletic shoes that light up or have wheels!
    • Boys:
      • Shirts with collars, nice slacks.
      • No T-shirts, sweat pants, shorts, or jeans, please.
      • Dress shoes are best but not obligatory, as long as shoes are dark and not distracting.
      • Please no athletic shoes that light up or have wheels!
    • Accurate timings must be provided, and please no repeats!
    • Entry fee per student performing solo literature: $24, and $19 for additional performing sibling
    • Entry fee per vocal or instrumental (non-piano) student performing with a parent, teacher, or other adult as an accompanist: $24
    • Entry fee per chamber music ensemble (students only): $30
    • Entry fees must be paid with a single check drawn from the teacher’s bank account, for that teacher’s TOTAL entry fees, made payable to MTAC-WLA.
    • Entry fees check must be accompanied by the MTACWLA Gen Master Studio List (click on title to download) and POSTMARKED by January 8 to Jan Kravets.
    • Mail entry fees and Master Studio List to Jan Kravets: 2301 Pier Ave, Santa Monica CA 90405