Meeting Minutes

These are the minutes of our most recent MSSL meeting. Minutes of all of our meetings can be viewed on our Tumblr page.

MSSL General Meeting; February 3 2013

Ashley’s House

I. Call to Order at 11:00, General Meeting called to order at 12:11

II. Old Business

A. Minutes (from last meeting) were not read.

III. New Business

A. Valentine’s Day/St. Patrick’s Day Recital

1. We might do it at the same place we did Holiday Recital, a connection of     Nancy’s knows a convent that would like a performance. Date/Time TBA.

2. Matthew needs a helper, Sarah volunteered. If anyone else volunteers, they should email Matthew. Please do it!

B. Practice-a-thon Prizes

1. We should just buy them (because of liability issues.)

2. This year, all funds (except prizes) will go to the Neighborhood Music School.

3. Ask friends to participate! It is not limited to piano/MSSL members.

4. People should contribute prizes.

5. We have a Neighborhood Music School flyer (Kalon will put it on the site.) We can download and copy it.

C. Daniel Pearl Concert

1. We will set out guidelines. The date for the Daniel Pearl proposal is March 1st. We as a board will pick one out of the proposals. The people who want a chair will write the proposals, and those people only.

D. Future of MSSL

1. See below *

2. Questions **

3. Answers ***

E. Collaboration with Harmony Project

1. We should ask them for more details/suggestions.

2. Internships are available for advanced students.

3. Sectional internships on Saturdays and individual mentorships (boot camp over Summer)

4. Musicianship classes (ear training, vocal training, basic rhythm/theory fundamentals)

5. They are looking for ‘oddball’ instruments: bassoons, basses, etc.

IV. Elections

A. Went over duties/officers/bylaws

1. Board members discussed their own experiences with their positions.

2. People should write statements, and others should read those statements to choose a viable candidate.

3. Nancy will find the questionnaire/outline for March 29 (presidents). April 12 is the deadline for other statements of positions.

4. Actual elections are on April 14.

V. Adjournment at


*The branch carries liability insurance, which would not cover Santa Monica Bay. But Santa Monica Bay has its own insurance, so their students are covered. If we were to not split, the students would be not covered.

Two groups equal more opportunities for students who desire leadership roles. Groups can work together to inspire each other.

We do not have a choice to split students, but we would not like to disenfranchise you (MSSL). We will not know our opportunities until we operate.

Positions would transfer over: if someone is president here, they would continue to be president in the other group. The two groups (in the first year) will operate jointly.

**Our statement of concern:  The learning curve for new members; will existing members teach the new members? We must be fully supportive, so we can help the creation of a new branch.

How will the process of separation start? We do not have enough strong members that can take on a new role in a new group. We have many ghost members that are inactive and do not keep up to date, and neglect the minutes website. Will we have a separate board?

***Resolving statement: The groups will be connected. We should have some sort of a recruitment meeting, to introduce new students to the group and encourage them to be active. We can run with a small board, and we might not even need nine members to begin with. We can have a top four-five positions in the first year. We might need more teacher involvement to prevent the ghosting of members. In general, we can continue as we would, and figure it out as we go.


Suggestion: make a flyer to advertise MSSL for next meeting. Also, we can set up a table at CM for advertisement.