Living Composers Fiesta May 7

Chair: Dr. Neil Galanter

Living Composers Fiesta 2017 2:00 to 4:00 pm May 7

Steinway Piano Gallery
8801 Wilshire Blvd., Beverly Hills 90211
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Deadline to complete online application: April 22, 2017
Application and master studio list are linked at end of this document The application is now updated.

The Living Composers Fiesta is not a competition. Each student participant will be presented with a special certificate.

Concept: A Music/Performance Festival of everything that is current and exciting today: Compositions of living composers which can include any or all of the following: multimedia, improvisation, experimentation, jazz, film music, recent compositions, concert music/art music.


    • Each teacher is allowed a maximum of 20 minutes of total playing time for all students.
    • Students can be any level or instrument.
    • All performers are asked to stay through the entire Fiesta recital.
    • The music can be inspired from the classical tradition, pop, jazz, rock, or any fusions thereof. Any and all instrumental and vocal combinations are encouraged. Please no compositions from composers of teaching material etc. (like method books or pseudo-classical type pieces from method books etc.) Otherwise, as long as the composer or group is living today, it should fit the concept of this festival.
    • Students can also perform their own pieces, pieces by their friends or pieces by present day musicians or musical groups. Have an open mind – the sky is the limit and it is time to play with sound and possibilities!
      If your student composes his own pieces of music, and there is a written score, it (or a portion thereof) should be made available for the audience on the performance date.

    • Perhaps your student has an idea of combining his instrument or instruments with a multi-media presentation or various forms of multi-track recording.
    • Your student might also wish to do a ‘cover’ of another groups’ music. A transcription of a well-known work of a traditional classical composer is permitted ONLY if it forms the basis or inspiration for an original work. It should NOT be a simple transcribing of the work into pop-form.
    • The fusion of different art forms is also a nice idea: Dance + music, theatre, + music, poetry + music, or rap as a musical form, hip-hop etc. Really anything is possible as long as it can be performed at the space at Steinway Hall recital space at Steinway Piano Gallery, Beverly Hills.

      N.B. Any questions about acceptable performances or compositions can be directed to Neil Galanter: or at 213-804-1009

    • Application form is linked at the end of this page one form must be submitted for each student and/or ensemble. Deadline to complete online application is April 22, 2017.
    • Entry fee per student: $18
    • Teachers: Entry fees must be paid with a single check drawn from the teacher’s bank account, for the teacher’s TOTAL entry fees, made payable to MTAC-WLA.
    • Entry fees check must be accompanied by the Master Studio List(click below to download) and POSTMARKED by April 22 to Dr. Neil Galanter.
    • For application: click here
    • Click here to download the Master Studio List