z 2013-2014 Practice-A-Thon

It is time to herald this year’s Practice-A-Thon! From now until April 1, 2014, all music students will have the chance to practice their fingers numb for 15 consecutive days and collect sponsors to fund raise for the Soweto Instrument Project, the non-profit we chose to receive the Practice-a-thon this year. For those who don’t know, the Practice-a-thon is an ongoing event in which a student, during a chosen 15 day period, records the number of hours practiced each day. At the same time, the student collects sponsors who can either donate per hour practiced by the student or simply donate a set amount of money. These funds, after expenses, will then go to the Soweto Instrument Project. The Soweto Instrument Project was created to help a band, who had all of its instruments stolen, buy new instruments and bring music back into their lives. For more information, here is a video: Soweto Instrument Project.

Participants do not have to be part of MSSL or even students of MTAC teachers. We highly encourage asking friends to participate in this!

Teachers – please let your students know about this great event that both encourages practicing within our community and serves the greater Los Angeles community.

Students with the most hours practiced and/or the most sponsors could receive a two hour recording session at Syngram productions, tickets to watch the Los Angeles Philharmonic at the Walt Disney Concert Hall, and more. Teaching studios with the most students and/or the most hours are up for prizes too.

Deadline Dates:

Students turn in forms and checks made out to the MTAC Foundation to teachers by Tuesday, April 10th.

Teachers turn in forms and checks made out to MTAC Foundation to Sharon Collins by Tuesday, April 10th (postmark or hand deliver).

Forms and Info:

Practice-a-thon Info

2014 MTAC Practice-A-Thon Sponsor Sheet

Master Studio Pledge Sheet

Letter for Initiative

Soweto Instrument Project Documentation